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Welcome to Sukoon Therapy and Consulting

Trauma-Informed, Resiliency-Focused, Healing-Centered Services

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About Sukoon

Professional Wellness Support for Individuals, Organizations and Communities

Rest. Ease. Serenity. Tranquility. Calm. Wholeness. Harmony.
"Sukoon" is a term that refers to an internal state of peace and equilibrium. We are a team of professional social workers grounded in specialized training to support wellness both through individual therapy and at a systemic level. Our multi-layered lens defines our unique approach to providing support for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Our Services

We support individuals on their journey for healing and growth. Whether one is dealing with the aftermath of a difficult life event, exploring the ramifications of intergenerational trauma, or simply looking for support during a hard point in their life, we work with our clients in their wellness goals. Learn more about our therapists here.

ํYoung asian woman with mental health problem meet psychologist to consult and mental ther

Our team has experience working with schools, nonprofits, and city departments on developing and implementing trauma-informed organizational frameworks. For additional information on our consulting services, click here.

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